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Brite-View BV-5005HD "CinemaTube" 3-in-1 1080p Full HD Multimedia Player/Streamer/Torrent Downloader, Black

Manufacturer : Brite-View
Model : BV-5005HD
Price : 109.99$
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Product Description

CinemaTube BV-5005HD is an advanced "Networking" multimedia player that brings full high-definition movies with fidelity audio to 1080p Full HD display. It can play media files stored on any USB storage devices (NTFS/FAT-16/32/EXT-3/HFS+ format)
Most Helpful Customer Reviews

234 of 241 people found the following review helpful:
Best media player in the market right now at this price
This review is from: Brite-View BV-5005HD "CinemaTube" 3-in-1 1080p Full HD Multimedia Player/Streamer/Torrent Downloader, Black (Electronics)
I have tried both WD TV and CinemaTube. For my review, I will be comparing CinemaTube primarily with WD TV since these are the media players having similar features at similar prices. Despite WD TV is the most popular media player, CinemaTube wins and I will show you why. To my belief, there are no other media player at this price right now which can beat CinemaTube. And, this is a statement from an advanced user.

I have tried both WD TV and CinemaTube by hooking it up with my 1.5 TB external hard disk drive (HDD, Seagate 7200 rpm inside) via USB and then connecting the player to my 720p plasma HDTV via HDMI.

What CinemaTube CAN do:

# Plays virtually any file you are aware of. I have many different files in my HDD, namely, x.264 coded MKV, DivX/XviD coded AVI, WMV, RM, MP4, MOV and so on. None of them failed. It even played .MTS files (from my HD camcorder) flawlessly. Unless the file specs are unusual and/or not supported by CinemaTube, it should play well. Other than WD TV Mini, none of the WD players play RM files.
# Can play upto 1080p although I could be able to test upto 720p as my TV does not support 1080p.
# DTS + Dolby digital ready. Could not test it as I do not have a dedicated surround system.
# Video preview. Very nice feature. Not available in WD players.
# Resumes playback. WD players does this too, CinemaTube does only in a nicer way.
# Edits playlist.
# Plays DVD menu with dedicated button. This means if normal DVD disk is copied into the HDD as VIDEO_TS folder or ISO file, CinemaTube plays it as if you were playing a DVD in normal standalone DVD player (for example, if I want to turn on/off English subtitles or go to a specific scene (scene selection), or extra features). None of the WD TV have this great feature. I actually returned WD TV because of the absence of this feature.
# Downloads torrents (simultaneously 3). I could be able to do it by setting up a static IP address for the player. No WD players can do it.
# UPnP streaming through 3rd party apps. CinemaTube is a networkable media player, so it can connect to your home network. Did not test it.
# Turns HDTV into a supersized digital photo frame.
# Plays a plethora of formats for music, photo and subtitle files.
# Compatible with Mac file system (HFS+ supportive). Not available in WD players.
# Remote control is bigger but much better than WD's.
# Really light and not too big.
# Universal voltage (100-240 V). Consumes little power.
# Spin down the HDD when the player is turned off.
# Two USB ports; one HDMI, component, composite video each; one L/R S/P DIF optical audio; one Ethernet port. Other than WD TV Live, none of the WD players have Ethernet port for internet connection.
# Can show files directly from any plugged USB storage devices like digital camera or camcorder like Flip Video.
# Optional wireless USB adapter.
# Now comes with HDMI cable. WD does not offer it.
# Does firmware update (online/USB update) frequently to get you more and improved features. This is where WD disappointed me. They have been in the market for so long time, but do little update.
# CinemaTube seemed to be faster than WD TV when same USB drive was loaded. Keep in mind that loading time of a HDD may vary depending on its capacity, rpm, how much space you are using, etc.
# I have liked its interface.
# Many more features you will come to know only when you play with it.

What CinemaTube CANNOT do:

# Can't search media file you are looking for. Here WD players win. CinemaTube still has to come up with an update to include this essential feature (specially, when you have hundreds of files in your HDD).
# Can't copy files between USB drives. WD TV Live does it.
# No torrent uploads. Torrent communities typically want members to maintain a typical upload/download ratio, therefore, you eventually have to use a computer to "upload" something. In addition to that, computer can offer better control in torrent client like configuration, speed, details, etc.
# Changes drive letter to a different one. Keeping the drive letter the same is important specially if you have OS files in your USB drive. You may have to reassign the drive letter if you want to hook it up back again with your computer.
# WD players are somewhat smaller than CinemaTube.
# WD has an online community which can help you.
# Occasionally, it fails to respond, but that happens to every standalone media player including WD players.

Last but not the least, excellent customer service from Brite-view. They respond to your email promptly and really try to answer your question. Their reps are knowledgeable. I cannot tell you how many times I asked them questions, but they responded very well. On the other hand, WD reps are just disappointing.

Bottomline: If you are looking for computer-free media file playback, torrent download and streaming, you are going to love this gadget. For your peace of mind, frequent firmware update and excellent customer service are also right there. Buy it, you won't regret.

UPDATE: 05/05/10: Some features (which I always wanted or like) added in Cinematube in newer firmware versions:
* Added Flickr Support
* Added Music "Previous" "Next" feature when playing back music
* Support for file copy/move
* Support for file search
* Support for file sharing (Simple NAS)
* Supported playback Blu-ray ISO file
* Added new high definition UI
* RSS readers added

38 of 40 people found the following review helpful:
I Love My New Toy
This review is from: Brite-View BV-5005HD "CinemaTube" 3-in-1 1080p Full HD Multimedia Player/Streamer/Torrent Downloader, Black (Electronics)
Before I bought this media player, I did my research on AVS forum. Here were the major reasons helped me make up my mind.
2.Support rmvb format files.
3.Support .iso DVD menu with button on remote.
4.Support online update.
5.BitTorrent download know what I am talking about...

After I got my toy,
1.Remote is amazing! Quick response! Very user friendly.
2.UPnP function works well. No problem plays video from my Playon app.
3.Smooth PC connecting.
4.I have tried to play rmvb, avi, and DVD image file without any problem.
5.Fantastic image and sound quality, totally worth it!!
6.The last and the most important one for me, fast and stable BT downloading!! (I have AT&T 6MB DSL)

By the way, I did contact customer service to ask a couple technical questions, and they responded nicely and quickly.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my new toy, and surprisingly, even my mom knows how to use that!!

38 of 41 people found the following review helpful:
Not bad but could be better
This review is from: Brite-View BV-5005HD "CinemaTube" 3-in-1 1080p Full HD Multimedia Player/Streamer/Torrent Downloader, Black (Electronics)
I like to wait awhile before I review a product so that I have enough time to really get a good opinion of it. A lot of people just rate it as soon as they buy it and don't give themselves time to see all the little quirks the product may have. So after using this device for awhile here are my pros and cons.

- Updatable firmware via internet connection
- Plays almost every file you can think of
- Very easy to configure (even if you have to do it after every update)
- Smooth interface (after recent update. First interface wasn't so great)
- Great picture Quality
- HDMI port
- Comes with HDMI cable and a few extra cables as well
- The unit is very compact and light
- The unit looks pretty cool
- Reasonably priced

- The button layout on the remote control isn't very user friendly and the video control buttons are very small.
- For this item in particular the wireless adapter and CinemaTube are shipped separately. My wireless adapter arrived 10 days after the CinemaTube did and that was only after emailing them to let them know I never got it. (They were very nice about the situation though so this made up for this issue completely)
- Power cord is pretty short considering most people may be placing thing on top of their entertainment center and it's not long enough to reach the standard plug height.
- Every time it updates you have to re-configure the wireless settings.
- Loading the video preview slows down the system and causing scrolling through movies to lag.
- There should be an option to load the preview manually or put a slight delay on it loading.
- Every now and then the directories when browsing UPnP device show as "Empty" and you have to reboot.
- Wireless should be built-in.
- Unable to use your own wireless adapter, it has to be a proprietary one.
- The wireless adapter is rather large.
- If you stop a movie in the middle of watching it and it returns back out to the menu there is no data for the UPnP connection. It just says "Empty". You have to back out and go back in.
- There's no way to set a default directory on your UPnP server so you have to navigate to the same directory every time.
- Some times it won't let you fast forward or rewind. I think this may be dependent on the file type though. I've ran in to this issue with some .avi files but I'm not sure if they were standard .avi or divx.

So given the above pros and cons my experience hasn't been too bad or too good. I'd say the product as of now is pretty average but the price helps to sway me towards it being worth it. I'm really excited about the fact that it can be updated via the internet because I'm sure most issues will be addressed. When I got the device it went through 3 updates. This was good but at the same time annoying because after every update I had to re-configure my wireless settings.

My biggest issue with the device right now is the whole "Empty" folder message I keep getting. Sometimes I have to keep clicking on the UPnP option over and over again until it finally shows my folders. I don't have this problem with my PS3. Also after a certain amount of time watching a movie if you back out it puts you back to the "Empty" folder message and you have to back all the way out again and reload it. One time I even let it sit for about 10 minutes on my list of movies via my UPnP server and when I came back to select a movie nothing would play so I hit back and it sent me to the "Empty" folder message again. Keep in mind though that all of this experience has been via the UPnP option. So far anything loading off an external hard drive seems fine.

I have not run in to a file type yet that it could not play and that is pretty awesome.

When I first got it set up I didn't care much for the interface but after the first update, the new interface was a huge improvement. It also makes the user manual useless though.

There really isn't much in the way of customization but that's ok. I would like to see some additions of bookmarking folder locations for UPnP servers though. I'd also LOVE to see an option similar to XBMC which allows you to stream video via a FTP connection. This makes setting up a server very simple. Just drop the files on to your FTP and stream away.

I don't use the torrent option because while it seems nifty it's not all that practical. If you're going to go through the trouble of doing it the way it's set up then why not just download the file on your computer and then just put it on a portable hard drive and plug that in to this device. Most people compress movie files in torrents anyways to decrease transfer times.

Regardless of all the Cons I'm still somewhat happy with the device. With that being said though, if a PS3 were able to play all the formats this thing can, I would have got that instead even though it costs more.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

great device very infrqent updates
this device is great it plas pretty much and file format and does it well with the HDMI cable. Problems come from support side.
by dococt168

Crappy product
Not a very good product. Stops and starts many time while playing video for no apparent reason. Suggest you look at other options
by Abhi

I recommend for price and ease of use.
is a player of very good quality works at 1080P with no image jump and refresh rate is good.
critical that it is a bit slow on the responses to the remote compared to other...
by Salamanca Ricardo

No longer supported!
I really liked this media player at first, but it needs to get with the technology demands of today and BriteView is no longer supporting this with any kind of firmware upgrades,...
by Closer Look TCB

Great Product for the price!
It took about 5mins to install and it plays everything it promise. Never had an issue, it's plug/play and no hesitation.
by Phoenix5ire

Great product, doesn't work w' Toshiba HDTVs
Loved this product as long as I had a Sony TV. However I bought the Toshiba HDTV sold by Amazon 46300u1, but bought elsewhere, and it will not recognize the CT if you use HDMI...
by J. Michael Polich

Stay Away, you've been warned.
I wish I could post a video, but I left the unit with my parents.

Let me just say that off the bat, this is a terrible box.
by Neoprimal

Setup was very easy with this unit. So far it played everything I've put on it
including RMVB, AVI, 720p MKV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MOV, MKV, photos, etc with no problem.
by Wah

Excellent picture quality
Excellent value for money, hooked my 40GB portable hard drive to it, plays all the avi files I download, the picture quality is noticably better than my phillips DVP5140, and it...
by rally3

Does what it claims!
I think this product is very much so worth every penny I spent on it. I was a little frustrated when I saw the Boxee Box come out nearly a week after I bought this, however the...
by Crieshavok

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